How To…

Request a library orientation or training

We offer orientations and trainings (not organized by HR) on the entire library operation as well as on specific aspects of the physical library, digital services, or other library products and services.
If interested, contact the library to schedule an orientation, or stop by.

Journals - Remote Access

IFPRI's journal subscriptions are searchable through WorldCat First Search (also accessible through the "Journal" search on the home page), as well as listed on the remote access page on the IFPRI intranet.

Check out materials

For IFPRI Staff

Use WorldCat Services  to find the item in IFPRI's holdings, then follow the prompts through WorldCat (requires login)

Interlibrary Loan

    • If the library does not have the materials you are looking for, we will try to obtain them from another source
    • Turnaround time on interlibrary loans depends on location and availability of materials
    • If the library cannot get an item by borrowing it, if possible, we will purchase it, which adds to the turnaround time.
    • All requests must include a "Not Needed After" date.

Access materials

IFPRI related publications are searchable from the side bar through the "Search the Repository" box. A more detailed description of IFPRI Publications are found on the Collections page. Databases we have access to can be found on the Statistical and Bibilographic database pages.

Remote Access for Journals is available through searching Journals on the right side bar or visiting the remote access page via IFPRI's intranet.

Search for materials

Direct searches to IFPRI's repository, Journal subscriptions, IFPRI's entire collection (including print materials, via WorldCat), and Google Scholar are available on the right side bar of most pages. If the pages viewed do not contain these, they are accessible on the home page.