IFPRI Repository Collections

    • IFPRI Publications represents publications where IFPRI is the publisher, and we generally have the PDF available, but if you need an item for which we do not have the PDF posted, contact the IFPRI library and we can get it for you.
      • Discussion Papers, briefs, working papers, magazines; IFPRI program and project related.
    • IFPRI authors in external sources represents IFPRI authors when published in journals and books outside of IFPRI, and here we do not have the PDF files posted here, but have links to where you can find it either at the publishing journal or book.
      • Journal articles, book chapters, monographs, etc.
    • bEconEconomics literature about the impacts of genetically engineered crops in developing economies. Also available through Mendeley
    • ReSAKSS- Asia - a collection of literature related to agriculture, food security and nutrition in Asia, curated by ReSAKSS-Asia Team.
      • Research articles, working papers, policy documents, journal articles, donor reports, presentations, and other publications
    •  ISNAR Publications - The collection of ISNAR publications includes those created while ISNAR was a separate center, prior to inclusion with IFPRI. Publications dated after ISNAR's inclusion with IFPRI are included in the main IFPRI publications collection.

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