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— Document Delivery Requests —

You may request a single copy of a publication from IFPRI's collection; requests may be placed via email, Skype: ifprilibrary, and WorldCat All requests must indicate compliance with copyright restrictions.
Interlibrary Loan(for IFPRI Staff)

  • If the library does not have the materials you are looking for, we will try to obtain them from another source
  • Turnaround time on interlibrary loans depends on location and availability of materials
  • If the library cannot get an item by borrowing it, if possible, we will purchase it, which adds to the turnaround time.
  • All requests must include a "Not Needed After" date.

— Specialized Bibliographic Search Assistance —

Upon request, the library will generate bibliographies and conduct literature searches of IFPRI's collection by topic, by author, keyword, GRP, etc.

— Library Orientation and Trainings —

  • We offer orientations and trainings (not organized by HR) on the entire library operation as well as on specific aspects of the physical library, digital services, or other library products and services.
  • If interested, contact the library to schedule an orientation, or stop by.
  • Orientations are provided by Ryan Miller or Indira Yerramareddy.

— Copyright Requests from external publishers —

IFPRI staff may send requests from external publishers and authors for reproduction of articles, book chapters, whole books, PPTs, and other material on the website to Indira Yerramareddy: 1+(202)862-8117,

— TGI Tutorials—(for IFPRI Staff)

If you would like to schedule a TGI Tutorial, fill out the TGI Tutorial Form

Past TGI Tutorials.

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